Thu, Feb 22, 2018

The new season has started, and it's a good time to review which non-profits the VYC supports and why, as part of our VYC Community Action Program.

As a non-profit organization, the VYC has limited financial resources. We can't help everyone, so we created a framework with the focus of Family Health & Welfare , Crisis Response, and Information Distribution, then researched charitable organizations that fit our focus.  To maximize VYC impact, 3 non-profits were chosen based on their mission, organization, geographic scope and diversity of programs.  

A set of 8 very specific criteria was developed to determine which organizations were the best fit for the VYC, including their oversight, governance, and official registration as a non-profit in Mexico and the US or Canada. The 3 are:

* Families at the Dump (FAD)       *PEACE (Casa Comunidad and Community Pride programs)      *Bucerias Bilingual Community Center (BBCC)

FAD and PEACE we support with proceeds from the VYC Great Chili Cook-Off plus collections of food, shoes, clothing, toys, depending on the charity and event. BBCC we support with information distribution to our members on their many classes and programs which encourage residents to become an active part of their communities.

The activites these organizations provide to the community are extensive and diverse, which offers VYC members the opportunity to get involved as volunteers if they wish. Almost 3/4 of all PEACE programs are accomplished by volunteers. Since FAD uses community individuals that are registered in their program for daily operations there are fewer, but still important, opportunities to help. The BBCC is always looking for helpers to teach classes or get involved in other ways. We encourage members to follow their passion. If you're interested in something special that isn't included in these organizations, here's a link to help you find where you can get involved on your own.

We encourage you to learn more about the VYC Community Action Program and these outstanding non-profits - click here to read an article, or here for the entire program (member login required). To go the organizations' websites, just click the logos below.



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