Thu, Feb 22, 2018

Charity News and Events

Highlighting VYC-Supported Charities

The new season has started, and it's a good time to review which non-profits the VYC supports and why, as part of our VYC Community Action Program.

As a non-profit organization, the VYC has limited financial resources. We can't help everyone, so we created a framework with the focus of Family Health & Welfare , Crisis Response, and Information Distribution, then researched charitable organizations that fit our focus.  To maximize VYC impact, 3 non-profits were chosen based on their mission, organization, geographic scope and diversity of programs.  

Sponsor a Student

PEACE has kicked off their "Sponsor a Student" campaign, highlighting Karen, age 14. She is one of many helped by the PEACE Alternative School, where youths who are not able to be part of the mainstream education system can receive an education that can change their lives. The Alternative School needs financial support for students like Karen. You can sponsor her for a month or a year. To read how, click here.

Action for Food a Success !

A big "Thank You" goes to all the Members, friends and neighbors of the Vallarta Yacht Club for their support of the September Action for Food Drive.  It was a success because all North Banderas Bay worked together for one cause.  Total food items collected was 1,690 - WOW!  Thanks to everyone's efforts, over 2,000 people in need will receive 5,000 meals in exchange for over 1,000 hours of community service.  Learn more about the charities the VYC supports here.

Here is a "Thank You" letter from PEACE:

Teachers Wanted

The Bucerias Bilingual Community Center (BBCC) is looking for volunteer English teachers. 

You know the language, this helps locals learn it too and increase their prospects for a better job.  Classes are in the morning Monday and Wednesday from 10:30am -11:30am for Beginners and Intermediate students. Also, one additional teacher for the afternoon is needed, Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm-7:30pm for Intermediate students.  They already have 22 eager students and the current teachers need help!

If you're interested, contact Mago at the BBCC.  All the contact information is on the website, click here.

Communities United in 'Action for Food' Drive

Each year, September is the month with the most critical need for food. Tourism is at its lowest and after surviving the slow months of May and June, cash reserves of local families are gone. With restaurants closed for most or all of September and hotels at low vacancy, jobs are scarce and people are hungry.  That's why we're uniting in the "Action for Food" food drive, all month long.

Summer Camp for Kids

PEACE is gearing up for Summer Camps.  As the school year winds down PEACE is gearing up for their Summer Camp programs, working with the public school system to provide this unique opportunity for students. The summer camps teach children of all ages themes such as entrepreneurship and sustainability through fun and engaging activities.  These camps will run for 3 weeks and serve 100 underserved children and provide them with increased education time.

In conjunction with the Summer Camp program, PEACE will also be hosting interns that will be coming from the United States and various parts of Mexico to help run the camps and teach children.  If you are interested in helping to sponsor a camp or a child's tuition fees, please contact their office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  For more information on PEACE Summer Camps, click here . 

Over 100 Shoes?!

WOW! That's right, 110 pairs of shoes and 25 large bags of clothing were collected in the VYC Shoe & Clothing Drive held May 15-30 to benefit Families at the Dump.  Philo joined in too, as a collection point at his Bar & Restaurant in La Cruz!  Now ... what happens to so much 'stuff' ?

It goes into the "Points Room," where points are exchanged for badly needed items. There are 250 families registered in the FAD program and they earn points for their children attending school, helping in the Day Care center and Lunch programs, attending and also volunteering at the many programs the FAD offers at their center. Points can also be exchanged in the emergency Food Bank. This approach helps encourage initiative and reinforces that education and work earn rewards and a better life.

Both kids and parents will benefit from these donations. This Drive was so successful, FAD is planning a special Father's Day surprise for the Dads that work in the Dump doing recycling -- a pair of shoes, a bit of clothing.

Angels Helping Greater Vallarta

Yes, there are Angels - right here in Vallarta!  PVAngels is an organization committed to uniting charity and the community - helping people learn about charitable organizations, events and news, in their own words ... "the dream of PVAngels is to create an atmosphere of pulling together in making our perfect little corner of the world a better - and better known - place." Visit their website PVAngels, and check out their calendar of local events all around the Bay.

Teachers, Volunteers Wanted

The Bucerias Bilingual Community Center is looking for a few helpers!  Teachers, Entrepeneurs, Volunteers, sign on for a fulfilling way to enrich the lives of those in the local community. BBCC Volunteers are unpaid; BBCC Entrepreneurs charge a fee for their services and donate 20% of their take to the BBCC. Everyone wins!

The BBCC is looking for people to work in the following capacities: 
1.  Gathering, packaging and disseminating welcome wagon portfolios to people who do airport pickups. Package will include John Forget’s map of Bucerias, brochures from Amigos de Bucerias, Biblioteca Rey Nayar, Investatours, BBCC and other charitable organizations as they become participants of the Charity Coalition. 
2. English Teachers and English Teacher Helpers 
3. Photographers for Special Events 
4. Cocineras/Cocineros Chefs to teach international and Mexican regional cooking classes 
5. Mexican Dance Classes (Salsa, Ranchero, etc.) 
6. Mexican History Classes 
7. Financial Literacy Classes 
8. Nutrition Classes 
9. Classes on Mexican Health Issues (e.g., diabetes) 
10.  Classes on Growing Your Own Fruit & Veggies
Interested ?  Call the BBCC at 01(329) 298-3527 or visit