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Happy New Year to all fellow VYC members whether you are long-term or new members, those of you who stayed throughout the year or arrived in the Fall months of 2017, those who will soon be rejoining us this winter and those of you who are currently living our shared dream in the Caribbean, South Pacific, Mediterranean, or on any of the seven seas, rivers and lakes of this beautiful planet.

November and December came around with plenty of action starting with the annual “Regata de Revolucion ” with 46 competitors, then the Taste of Nuevo/Chili Cook-off with over 30 restaurant and VYC members booths. Thanks to these great people, our VYC other volunteers selling tickets and tending beer carts and, of course, our miracle Club staff we were able to donate over 70,000 pesos to Toys for Tots and the Children with Cleft Palate charities. A good time at the Christmas Tree Decorating joyous work party led into the Banderas Bay Blast and the awards ceremony at VYC for Latitude 38’s Pirates’ Spinnaker Run to raise cash for needed school supplies for the kids in the south bay area.

And those fabulous Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners were packed with fine meals and a constantly crowded dance floor. All of our Club staff, especially Vidal Palma and Omar did a great job in the kitchen due to the untimely and abrupt self-imposed employment termination of our newly hired Chef Pablo.

Also, after nine years of being a part of our VYC family, the Club’s Assistant Manager, Danny Espinoza, was offered a well-deserved opportunity and rendered his resignation during the recent holidays. Although we are happy for him and his family, there is no doubt he will certainly be missed by so many of us.

Lastly, as a reminder, beginning now, all membership dues renewal dates are annualized to January 1 each year and are due and payable at this time. (If you have forgotten the amounts and other details, please refer back to the full details contained in the last September 2017 Commodore’s Corner in the Club’s website )

Dan Green - Commodore
2 January 2018


This may be rushing it a bit; but I do want to be among the first to welcome all of you back to our VYC “Paradise” for the next season of fun activities ashore and an exciting variety of Club, Regional, National and International sailing competitions.

Our Youth Members, as usual, are way ahead of the rest of us, as they have started school and resumed regular weekday sailing lessons. Sunday, the 12th of November is the official Opening Day commemorating VYC’s 15th Anniversary. November 18th & 19th will see the Club hosting the regional Regata de Revolucion with the Fall Junior Sailing Fundraiser and welcoming the 9 – 15 large power boats making the CUBAR Rally from the San Diego Yacht Club.. The following week is Thanksgiving and December 2nd is our annual charity Taste of Nuevo and Chili Cook-off event. Also, in December, we will have our annual Christmas Open House (as in “ Christmas Tree Decorating Party”) and Christmas Dinner.

I am pretty sure most of you well remember that our club chef of nearly 13 years decided to move on in his career. And unfortunately for us members, he resigned this past April. We did not attempt to replace him during the slack summer months because Vidal very aptly was able to satisfy our summertime kitchen cuisine demands. Rudy did hire a very well qualified chef who already amazing us with his culinary skills as he began his employment at VYC in September. If you can, I suggest you come back a bit earlier this year to help us all select his menu items for this coming season.

If you attended or read the Minutes of the 2017 AGM or saw it in the previous Commodore’s Corner; your Board of Directors has established the new dues structure for all Plankowners and Gold & Red Flag members. The key points are that we have all membership renewals coming due on January 1 and we offer ONLY Part-time and Full-time Flag memberships. If a member wants to pay for their membership by the month, they will need to pay an additional finance fee for that arrangement. These new Plankowner and Flag memberships have dues amounts set at $500 for a Part-time 6 months and $850 for a Full-time 12 month period. If a member wants to pay dues monthly, the membership is $525 (525/6 = $87.50 per month) for Part-time and $900 (900/12 = $75.00 per month) for Full-time. The 2 and 4 months minimum are still in place as originally intended to be used if a member was absent from the area for a year or more period of time to keep the membership in good standing.. A different way of saying it is: “an excused absence that was allowed if the member gave a written request to the Club Treasurer”.

These actions regarding our dues structure were found to be necessary to 1) meet the lagging financial means to meet the Club’s fixed costs and 2) reduce the ongoing accounting load placed upon the club administrative staff.

Lastly, I wish to inform you that we have reached a written agreement with the Paradise Marina to pay VYC a monthly limited privileges membership fee (donation) for the Captain and full-time crew of each boat at least 80 feet in length; that rents a slip for one month or more.

Dan Green


Dan roundIf you were in town and not too worn out from the many fun ashore parties and entertainment nights that many times followed a very active sailing competition season, you attended the Annual General Membership meeting in March.  The outgoing Board reviewed its extensive list of accomplishments over the past 12 months, announced changes to the Flag membership and dues structure, approved changes to the Bylaws to allow a temporary membership to transient yachtsmen and regatta participants and elected the Officers and Directors for the 2017/2018 term. 


Those elected and appointed to lead the Club for the next year are as follows:


Dan Green

Ashore Activities

Doreen Salle

Vice Commodore

Ricki Williams

Afloat Activities 

Andy Barrow**  

Rear Commodore


Junior Sailing

Linda Green


Mario Antoci


Richard Williams


Jeanie Benaroya *

At Large

Sandy Barnett

Paradise Village

Dick Markie **


Dianne Hall/Gustavo Ramirez

Note: * New Board Member  ** Appointed Director

In addition to matching or exceeding last year’s excellent afloat and numerous variety of ashore activities, this new Board faces the final two significant changes to secure the financial stability of our Club: Membership and taxation.

FIRST. As a government recognized “Sports Association” we are lawfully exempt from Club income tax and, Members IVA taxation in most cases other than the restaurant, bar, merchandise and slip rental (if not paid to the USA 501c (3) Vallarta Sailing Foundation). But, to maintain the exemption from income tax, our food and drink sales to non-members must NOT exceed 5% of total Restaurant and Bar sales.

To answer the need to better control the admittance into the Club and the privileges of membership, all members are requested to always carry their member cards on their person and that all members (especially Board Officers and Directors) wear their member badges at special events.  The staff is to receive specific instruction to enforce the Club’s membership policies and, if not sure of a person’s member status, to require that VYC or Reciprocal YC membership identification be available.  The Board was asked to give additional thought to restore the “Officer of the Day” practice to welcome prospective members properly and to ensure compliance to the Club’s admittance policies and Rules.  A Task Force is also being formed to assess the best ways to accomplish this responsibility.

To fully comply with membership status of regatta and conference participants, in an Extraordinary Meeting held during the 2017 AGM, the attending members voted to amend the Club Bylaws to recognize the additional membership class “Socios Transe” for registered competitors, race officials and race committee personnel.  It is of utmost importance that these members be issued numbered credentials and the regatta registration and inscription (i.e. Dues) be properly maintained in the regatta files.

SECOND.  As was announced at the 2017 AGM held this past March, the dues structure affecting all Plank owners, Gold Flag and Red Flag members has been changed to “Part-time” and “Full-time”, that provides a choice of either 6 months or 12 months annual full use of the Club’s facilities.  The annual dues amounts are $500.00 and $850.00 if paid in whole in advance.  If Part-time is paid $87.50.00 monthly for six months, the total is $525.00. If Full-time is paid $75.00 monthly for 12 months, the total is $900.00. This increase becomes effective with the member’s anniversary date.  The 2 and 4-month minimum remains in effect if the member is NOT in the PV area for a year or more.

Note:  A Committee is currently studying the effect on other classes of VYC memberships.

Our two signature regattas (Banderas Bay and WesMex) were again successful.  And, in late April, VYC hosted the 2017 J70 National Championship with a registered 20 boats and 125 competitors, race officials & support personnel and family members.

Starting with the Club’s 15th Anniversary Opening Day other events occurring in November include the Regata Dia de Revolucion, Junior Sailing Fundraiser and the San Diego YC‘s arrival of the CUBAR fleet.  CUBAR is a power boat rally conducted every other year.  And, we’re told we can expect to see around 20 boats coming into the Paradise Marina.  VYC members will be asked to greet each boat with a Welcome basket, beer cart and host a Tequila, Vino, Cerveza and Tacos” fiesta.

When at the Club are you bothered by having to use the public bathrooms downstairs?  We’re going to fix that annoyance with the construction of a brand-new member’s only bathroom adjacent to the 2nd floor outside deck. This bathroom addition is provided by the management of Paradise Village group of companies.

Lastly, I want to wish you all a very enjoyable summer and I, along with your Board of Directors and Club staff look forward to welcoming you back in the Fall.

Dan Green

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COMMODORE’S CORNER - ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Dan round¡Feliz Año Nuevo a todos! If you were among the fortunate 100 members attending the VYC New Year’s Evening dinner party, you know we all shared a fantastic time to welcome the New Year. Cocktails began at 8:00 pm and the live band started promptly at 8:15. Within 30 seconds, the dance floor filled with enthusiastic revelers. And, stayed full until 9:00 when the band laid their instruments aside and the Club’s wait staff quickly brought out two of the three course dinner. After a splendid “surf and turf “bit of nourishment, the band returned, chairs were emptied and the dance floor once again erupted; and stayed so right up to the final countdown to midnight. I also observed that the number of members having Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve dinner was twice that of previous year!

As I noted in last October’s Commodore’s Corner, our Club being recognized by the Mexican government as a “Sports Association” entitles us to various tax breaks. One of which is the exemption from any income tax. Obviously, this is rather meaningless to VYC on an annual basis, but, because Mexico tax law requires full tax reporting on a monthly basis which would seriously negatively effect our cash flow during the high season.

The other significant tax benefit is the exemption for IVA taxation on Dues and Donations. Although we are not a designated “Donatario” that can offer a personal tax deduction, we now do exempt our members from IVA tax on dues and donation payments, I am sure you remember that from January 1st of 2016 a 16% tax was applied to all dues and donations (as well as all purchases for goods and services). And, we were required to file these “end user” funds with our tax returns. Beginning in August we acted upon legal and accounting advise that we were no longer subject to IVA taxation on dues and donations. However, we decided to continue applying the 16% IVA as a precaution that the SAT (Mexican IRS) might disagree with our exemption. At the end of January, 2017 we will have had six months of tax filings without any comment from the SAT. Much more on this and other subject matter will be presented at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

I would be remiss if I didn’t warn you to be prepared to have loads of fun both Ashore and on the water during the remainder of the high season. Catch it all on the Club’s website. And, make sure you are receiving the Vallarta Yacht Club Bay Calendar every week reminding us of what is ahead for the next two weeks.

Dan Green

"Read More" para espaniol

COMMODORE’S CORNER October 2016 / RINCÓN DE COMODORO octubre del año 2016

For the past week or so, we continue to see some “early arrivals” members returning to the Puerto Vallarta area and receiving the warm welcome of our staff and those few year-around members such as Linda and myself.

Following the extremely active two months of the Laser Worlds Championships, activities at the Club suddenly slowed to almost a halt.  Even the Junior Sailors were still in school on into July.  Consequently, our normal weeks of young sailors’ week-long camps were delayed until late July and early August.  But, they were well attended and many of the local attendees have returned as regular VYC Youth members.

Our routine summer facility clean-up was also delayed so that the above “early arrivals” are catching our staff either on vacation or in jeans and T-shirts cleaning, painting, repairing or replacing items around the facility.  Chef Israel is getting ready with a new menu for the high season, which starts in October 2017.

Besides conducting the Junior Sailing summer camps, two large private parties and two very successful Sunday Family Days, there has been few bar and restaurant income producing activities  However, our staff has helped us to be able to keep everyone employed.  Sadly, though, Christian did tell us of his plan to relocate to Guadalajara to be with his wife and to renew his educational studies.

Commodore's Corner - June 2016

As many of you know, the 2015/2016 High Season got off to a slow start with the Opening Day occurring with only one-third of the membership actually being present in the Banderas Bay area. Maybe most members arrived later because their Farmers’ Almanac predicted a hot November-December 2015. And it was definitely correct! With the announcement in September, we did see a surge of interest in the Gold Flag membership and its benefits to our existing regular Flag members. This Gold Flag category may not be for everyone; but for many, it is a really good deal. If you are not familiar with this category, you owe it to yourself to contact Rudy or myself for details.

In January we experienced some cooler weather, but it was accompanied with some very unusual rainy days. Nevertheless, the Club went into full swing activity mode with a spectacular shore side entertainment schedule (even the Stick Horse Races returned ) combined with our annual Saturday Vallarta Cup races. February through March continued heavy activity at the Club and the Annual General Membership Meeting. If you did not attend the AGM meeting, I strongly suggest you read the Minutes to learn of the Club’s financial status and the actions taken by your Board and Staff to return the Club back to financial stability. Elections were held with the following 2016/2017 elected Officers and Board Directors:

Commodore Dan Green Afloat Activities Andy Barrow
Vice Commodore Ricki Williams Ashore Activities Doreen Salle
Rear Commodore Bill Noonan Junior Sailing Linda Green
Secretary Sandy Barnett Membership Gustavo Ramirez
Treasurer Dick Locke Public Relations Dick Williams
Paradise Village  Dick Markie    

Mostly because the Vallarta Yacht Club was honored to host the 2016 Men’s’, Women’s’ and Masters’ World Championships, the Mexican Sailing Federation (FMV) was inspired to form the 2016 FMV Cup. This umbrella organization brought together the bi-annual San Diego – Vallarta Race with the accompanying MEXORC Regatta and VYC’s signature Banderas Bay and WesMex Regattas culminating with the 2-month long Laser World Championship finishing on the 28th of May. A truly beautiful picture of hundreds of boats filling the Banderas Bay for five (5) consecutive months!!! Many thanks to all of you that served as volunteers, our “Little Club that Does” has earned its reputation as being among the world’s best favored Yacht Clubs.

Lastly, I want to advise you of the construction projects taking place during the summer months that will affect available parking. These projects are the 1) Renovation of the bottom floors of the Tonino building, 2) Reconstruction of the boat ramp and 3) Addition of downspouts to eliminate water ponding on the Club’s roof.

Look for more on this in upcoming Commodore’s Corner reports.

Fair winds,



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