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Commodore's Corner: Our Members are Awesome II

As I write this, I'm sitting aboard Randy Hough's "Yemaya" in the marina in Cabo San Lucas. We came up overnight a couple of days ago to meet up with the Baja Haha fleet, and to escort those who want to go with us back down to Banderas Bay. I'd like to thank Randy for his dedication to the cause - it's not cheap to take a powerboat on a 600 mile round trip just to help out some cruising folks, but Randy is willing to do it, and pay for the fuel, just to help out the cruisers. It's that sort of selfless dedication that continues to give me faith in people.

Randy and I got a chance to stand in front of the Haha folks last night at the awards party and tell them what I great club VYC is, and encourage them to come to beautful Banderas Bay. We reminded them that we are an independant club founded by cruisers, and we continue to support cruisers.

Commodore's Corner: Our Members are Awesome

Every day, I'm reminded just how awesome our members are. As this particular example includes my wife Liz, I might be accused of being a little biased. Yep, I guess I'm guilty as charged.

As I write this (September 8) "Team Ruby Slippers", comprised of members Liz Barrow, Leslie Baldwin, Jenny Durnan and friend Cathy Hoffer, are beginning their second day in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure, in support of breast cancer research. This is a 60 mile walk (that's six-oh) over 3 days. Every walker has to raise a minimum of $2,300 - Liz's team has raised over $10,000. In spite of blisters and sprains, they continue to walk, supporting the search for the cure to a disease that has effected so many. All of us are proud of the team, and everything they have done to get here.
Every day, VYC members remind us how awesome they are through the big and little things they do. Supporting charities, volunteering to staff events, or just doing the little things for each other. Our members are an amazing group of people.
Do you know of a particularly awesome thing that a member has done? Let us know in the comments below.

Commodore's Corner - Bigger than Ourselves

When we think about the organization that we are part of, what is the first thing that comes to our minds? The organization? The people in the organization? What we do? The building?

At the end of the day, clubs are about people. Making money is only important in terms of ensuring that the organization remains financially capable enough to ensure that we can put a roof over our collective heads, pay the people who work for us, and do the things that we can only do as a club, not individually.

Many of us enjoy the idea that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We like the idea that when we tell someone we are a member of the Vallarta Yacht Club, there is a smile of recognition, and perhaps even a little envy. We also enjoy the idea that we have a place “where everybody knows your name”. People rarely join clubs to be anonymous, that's just not the point!

Our Most Successful Year Ever!

Officer Flags raised during 2011 Opening Ceremony

For all the years that I resisted running for Commodore, I am surprised that the actual time in the position has gone by very quickly.  I don’t know why and hope it’s not an age related symptom!

The time did slip by - but the 700% of $0 bonus promised to the Board members for meeting our objectives motivated us all to pull-off a pretty good year.  The major objectives were amplified with each Board member’s supportive sub-objectives.  As a reminder, those major objectives were :

  1. Realize a positive or break-even year-end cash basis (first time in four years)
  2. Demonstrate a common respect for all factions of the Club
  3. Increase Ashore activities with more emphasis on “Family” value appeal
  4. Enhance the responsibilities of the Afloat Activities.
  5. Meet success with the PanAmerican Games, and increase participation in our signature WesMex and Banderas Bay Regattas, and finally
  6. Establish a comprehensive Community Action Plan

These objective challenges were met with varying degrees of success and, for the most part beyond my expectations due to the outstanding volunteer spirit our Club is so well known for.  This spirit enabled our club to present it's biggest and most successful event ever, the 2011 Pan American Games sailing events.  For everyone who assisted as a volunteer for that event and all of the other events held by the club this year, your efforts were incredible and I offer you my most sincere appreciation.

In addition, I was assisted by an outstanding group board members. They were key to the success of the club this year and I hope you will join me in saying a big “Thank You” to these folks: 

Andy Barrow,  Vice Commodore, Club Operations

Randy Hough, Rear Commodore, Club Activities

Al Benaroya, Treasurer

Laurie Ailworth, Secretary

Al Burrow, Staff Commodore

Dick Williams, Director at Large

George Kraniak, Director at Large -  Ashore Activities

Bonnie Fearis, Director at Large – Membership

Ken Gill, Director at Large – Junior Program

Jerry Siggins, Director at Large – House

Mike Danielson, Director at Large – Afloat Activities

Dick Markie, Appointed Director

Terry O’Rourke, Advisor – Government and Legal Affairs

To all of you, please know that I am honored that you gave me this opportunity to serve as your Commodore these past months.


PanAm Sailing at VYC - How We Won the Honor

So many of us “full timers” thought this would be another long, hot and humid summer here in Banderas Bay. And, we were partially correct.  It surely was hot and humid; but the time flew by and now we are just a few weeks away from the Pan American Games and the season Opening Day at Vallarta Yacht Club.

Here is a summary of how our Yacht Club was awarded this special prestigious honor of hosting the world renowned  XVI Pan American Sailing Event.  It was over four years ago that I was talking with VYC Director Dick Markie who is also the Paradise Village Marina Harbormaster, when he brought up the subject of the Guadalajara PanAm Games and how great it would be for our Club and Paradise Village to be chosen to host the Sailing Events. First, Power Point presentations that were too voluminous to send in one E-mail were prepared and sent to the Mexican Sailing Federation. That resulted in our gaining Ralph Nelles' (the Federation President) endorsement of our site. Starting then, continuous efforts on our behalf by Ralph, Dick, Linda Green, Mike Danielson and myself were made to the Pan American Sailing Federation which eventually led to their visiting us in the fall of 2009. 

Other potential sites and our competition included Lake Chapala, Valle de Bravo and Marina Vallarta. Understandably, there was great pressure by the Guadalajara Organizing Committee (COPAQ) to keep the Sailing Events near to Guadalajara.  And, if that was impractical, then at least, locate the event within the State of Jalisco.Read more about the Pan Am Games Torch Run Oct 7 in Puerto Vallarta

Finally, in September of 2009, the Pan American Sailing Federation visited our site and were duly impressed with the venue. They made their findings known to COPAQ.  On October 19th 2009, we received the official letter from the XVI Pan American 2011 Director of Operations & Sports awarding the “Vallarta Yacht Club” as the host site for the 2011 Pan American Games Sailing events.  The Mexican Sailing Federation, in-turn then appointed the Lake Chapala YC Commodore Beatriz Gonzales and our then VYC Commodore Linda Green to co-chair this event.

Beatriz and Linda have been planning, organizing and in some cases, competing with other PanAmEvents to assure that we have a truly successful event for all the world to see.  I urge you to read more about the Games elsewhere in this newsletter.

Here’s seeing you at the GAMES and again on VYC’s Opening Day on Sunday, October 30th!

... for more details on the development of the entire 2011 Pan American Games event, click to read the COPAG bulletins that were published along the way.

Commodore's Corner - Spring 2011

This is supposed to be the beginning of the quiet time of the year for Vallarta Yacht Club, but it seems remarkably not so! Shortly after the elections at the Annual General Meeting in February, and before the official “Change of Watch”, the new slate of flag Officers and Directors were proactively working with the outgoing Board members. They simultaneously hosted our signature Banderas Bay Regatta with excellent results. While the March and April activities afloat were completing the season’s sailing calendar, the activities ashore included the popular “All Volunteer Luncheon”, and the Junior Sailing Program semi-annual Fundraiser.

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