Sat, Feb 24, 2018

Starting the first week in January and continuing through February 19th, the Vallarta Yacht Club is hosting all Cruisers (Puddle Jumpers, Southbounders and coastal Mexico) in the Banderas Bay area to a series Roundtables led by experienced marine business leaders and Blue Water Cruisers covering subjects of local government requirements and assistance, navigation, weather, on-board medical care, emergencies underway to sail, machinery, electrical and electronics repair and maintenance.

These Cruisers' Roundtables are held at the Vallarta Yacht Club each Monday and Thursday afternoons from 15:00 - 17:00 (3 to 5 pm), followed immediately by the VYC daily Happy Hour featuring 2 for 1 beer, wine and all well & soft drinks; as well as the first hamburger & fries at the low regular price and get the second for 40 pesos less."

The first of this Cruisers' Roundtables was at 15:00, Thursday, January 4th. led by Vilma Habelloecker of Vilma's Yacht Agency, and US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor. The Port Captain was detained. It was suggested that he be scheduled to become a participant in Andy Turpin's Puddlejump session in March to cover the latest Mexico check-out procedures.

Date Subject Presenter
January 4th Introduction to Mexico Cruising Immigration – Vilma, Port Captain - Hector Medina, Navy - Aguiera Giez, USA Consulate - Kelly Trainor*
January 8th Sails Design, Materials and Care Ullman Sails – Chuck Skewes
January 11th Rigging and Sails: Wear and Tear Underway With: “GET THE BALANCE RIGHT” SYS - Jorge Servin & PV Sailing/North Sails - Mike Danielson
January 15th Building Your own Chart Plotter & Creating Useable Charts Using Google Earth VYC IT – Andy Barrow
January 18th Provisioning & Long Passages E2 Yacht Services - Elizabeth Shanahan
January 22rd Troubleshooting & Repairing Electric And Mechanical Systems Underway John Pounder & Jack Tinsley
January 25th Emergencies, Tropical Deseases and Medical Care in Remote Areas Dr. Essau Gutiérrez
January 29th Emergencies at Sea (Sinking & Man Overboard) E2 Yacht Services - Eugenie Russell & VYC Commodore – Dan Green
February 1st Offshore Weather & Navigation With: “PICKING YOUR WINDOW” PV Sailing/North Sails - Mike Danielson
February 5th Troubleshoot & Repair Engines & H2O Makers Jack Tinsley
February 8th Health & Safety in the Tropics Dra. Alma Vargas* & Dr.Jim Nordstrom
February 12th Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Geisha - Scott Powers
February 15th Troubleshoot & Repair of Electronics at Sea John Pounder
February 19th Fire Prevention & Underway Emergencies Dick Markie
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